Ultima HDP CVD

SSSco builds , upgrades and supports all AMAT Centura with HDP CVD chambers. Ultima, Ultima+ and UltimaX. Read the full upgrade story here < Chamber Upgrades

Ultima HDP CVD Parts

SSSco supplies parts for all AMAT HDP and Ultima chambers and systems;

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Ultima HDP CVD Upgrades & Retrofits

Our Ultima upgrades improve performance, cost of ownership and reliability, and overcome obsolescence;


SSSco ensures that product support matches customer needs.

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SSSco remanufactures Applied Materials Endura 5500 PVD, Centura 5200 CVD, HDPCVD, RTP, EPI, DPS Etch, Producer, P5000 systems and chambers.  Our robust 5S remanufacturing process ensures consistent quality and reliability for our customers.

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