Penulator Pro™

penulator pro monitor

Semiconductor Support Services offers the widest range of options for replacing your aging CRT and light pen with a new LCD monitor on legacy AMAT P5000, Centura™, Endura™, Producer™ and implant systems.

The Penulator system functions like a light pen, highlighting the cursor on the screen without contact at up to an inch away with amazing .5MM accuracy. This unique approach to replacement of the CRT and light pen matches the original operating system input method.

SSS CO's Penulator systems are specifically designed to be drop in replacements without calibration or system modifications.  Desk stand or through the wall kits have successfully been installed on over 700+ AMAT systems around the world. Kits are available for standard AMAT CRT and light pen systems as well as the serial light pen system used on the AMAT Producer and XR series implanter.

Key Features:

  • Pen works without contact, like a light pen
  • Pen is cordless, battery free and robust
  • System needs no calibration
  • Plug and play, no hardware changes necessary
  • 19” LED backlit monitor is bright and very legible
  • Unique power saving circuit, 12X less than LCD, 31X less than CRT
  • Proven system with over 700+ units in operation worldwide
  • CE marked

Easy to connect, just remove the old monitor and plug in the new one

Penulator Monitor vs Touch Screen and CRT

Features Touch Screen CRT Penulator
Activates cursor without contact  



Matches original operating system input method  



No calibration required  



AMAT legacy VGA to display power management  converter    



Works with all light pen based AMAT systems

P5000, Centura and Endura



Unique power saving circuit

The AMAT CRT and light pen control system can initiate a screen saving feature making the display blank however it can not put a monitor into power saving mode. CRT’s and LCD panels, even when blank, will consume full power 24X7. The Penulator electronics adapter can sense the screen saving mode and put the connected monitor into power saving mode. The power savings can be substantial, even when compared to an LCD touch panel.

Power savings comparison

  • By using the power save feature of the Penulator significant power savings can be achieved
  • Monitors are typically used only a few minutes per hour
  • When not in use the monitor will go into sleep mode consuming just 1/2 a watt!
  • In a typical fab with 100 CRT monitors switching to the Penulator can save over 75,000 kWh in one year


As an accessory, SSS CO offers the Penulator remote.  The worlds only light pen remote box with auto monitor switch and file back up system.  


Replacement for AMAT part numbers:







If you would like more information, check out the Penulator FAQ.


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