Ceramic ESC Lam 4520, 4520XL, EXCELAN

Robust and Re-usable Coulombic ESC, made from Al2O3 replaces the OEM Johnson Rahbeck ESC which uses a TiO2 glued plate.

This new SSSCo ESC has much better chucking and dechucking performance, and can be recycled and repaired when eventually required. This means much better Cost of Ownership.

Coulombic technology means no wafer sticking problems and no requirement for dechuck edge lift pins. No glue layer and an improved mesa-design on surface, means that the cooling and temperature uniformity are improved, delivering real process benefits.


Equivalent parts for ESC part numbers 839-440462-508, 839-440462-108, 718-094756-081, 718-094523-281, 718-043893-801, 718-094756-061, 718-094523-261