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SSSco repairs and tests PCB's at it's custom Austin Repair Center, with qualified components, test procedures and highly skilled engineers.

We have now added the AMAT Seriplex MUX I/O PCB's into our repair portfolio, including; 

Seriplex Mux I/O PCB Newer Style Centura/Producer - 0190-35653, 0190-35762, 0190-35763, 0190-35652, 0190-35650, 0190-35650, 0190-35651, 0190-35765

Seriplex Mux I/O PCB Obosolete PCB Centura - 0190-35773, 0190-09688, 0190-09689, 0190-35775, 0190-09690, 0190-35776, 0190-09691

Contact us for more details and to arrange an RMA. Read more here about our PCB Repairs

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