SSSco Upgrade Center

SSSco offers high value upgrades for systems and chambers. These upgrades offer several benefits to customers who are trying to improve their installed base performance;

  • New capability and increased efficiency.
  • Extended equipment lifetime
  • Replace obsolete and increase performance
  • Reduce waste, downtime and equipment operating costs

SSSco upgrades and retrofits are used across several OEM's, platforms and chambers.

Penulator™ Products; monitors, hard drive, floppy drive, remote access, file management, automated backup and restore

- Narrow Body Load Lock Wafer Slide Detector Kit

 RPS Upgrades    -  Remote NF3 plasma clean. Lid upgrades and retrofits, HDP, PECVD, SACVD, WCVD

 Ceramic ESC   -  New improved designs, use existing OEM cathodes, AMAT. Lam. TEL.

 HDP   Ultima+   - new ENI RF racks, lid upgrade to RPS, new ceramic ESC, 3L or 6L RP