New V452 Single Board Computer SBC PCB’s

SSSco supplies brand new V452 boards, which are manufactured to order and supplied with a warranty and ongoing support. These boards are precisely the same as those used for many years in AMAT systems, and have become a supply concern for many fabs. SSSco can address that need.

The Single Board Computer SBC V452 is the critical CPU board for the majority of AMAT systems. These boards are manufactured for SSSco by the Original Part Manufacturer OPM, and can be used in AMAT Centura, Endura, Producer and P5000(with modification).

Each board is supplied with a 1 year warranty.

SSSco recommends that fabs using these AMAT systems should have new boards in stock, as a system will not run without a fully working SBC. Availability of these new SBC boards will become limited in the future due to component level obsolesence. Having a stock offers customers security against the risks of supply and downtime.

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