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EPI and HTF Chambers, lamp module repair service

The Repair Center at SSSco keeps bringing new services onto the market, to help users extend lifetime, improve cost of ownership and upgrade their equipment.

Our latest offering has been around for some time at SSSco, but it's been brought together as a new product to completely upgrade and repair upper and lower lamp modules on these ageing chambers. Users send us their lamp modules which are evaluated in detail, and then repaired and upgraded using components and procedures which are qualified in many of the largest global fabs using EPI chambers.

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Its a common sight when we go into customer fabs, that leaky and old lamp modues are patched with silver tape to repair seals, clamps are broken or difficult to fasten, and internal wiring and connectors are not in production worthy condition.

To improve your PM and process performance, let SSSco repair and upgrade your lamp modules to get back to consistent and as-new performance.


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