EPI Lamp Module Repair Service

Upper and Lower lamp modules are a critical part of the EPI chamber. After extensive use these can become damaged or cause unwelcome process shift, due to component damage or a wide range of patch repairs to cables, fixings or enclosures.
SSSco has established a full repair service for both upper and lower lamp modules.
Modules are sent to SSSco by users for a detailed evaluation, and then repairs are agreed with the customer and carried out at SSSco's state of the art repair center using qualified components and quality assured processes.

Based on condition, repair would include the following items:

  • Replacement of all seals and grommets, PCW quick disconnect fittings, toggle clamps
  • Sheet metal paint strip, seam re-welding, powder coating
  • Interlock harness and connector repair or replacement, lamp wiring repair or replacement
  • Polishing or re-plating of cones, shields, and parabolic reflectors

Lamp modules are returned to customer in as-new condition and ready for many years of further reliable service.

SSSco also supplies many of the parts required to repair or upgrade lamp modules.