RPS Astron CIP - Refurbishment and Repair

Improve RPS lifetime and performance. SSSco is an authorized MKS Instruments® Service Provider, for the ASTRON® product family.  CIP Continuous Improvement Program includes latest developments from MKS;

Quality is assured by replacement of all plasma-exposed components, with original OEM parts.

Ignition vacuum relay, thermal cooling pads and other components replaced

All components are genuine OEM parts, no reworked or counterfeit components

Latest PEO blocks available as an option

Latest CIP from MKS, tested using MKS equipment in SSSco Austin.

All generic and customer-specific models of ASTRON2L and ASTRONi products including:

AX7670, AX7670-02, AX7670-16, AX7670-19, AX7670-20, AX7650, AX7651-X, AX7657-X, FI20620, FI20620-1, FI20656-1

AX7670, AX7670-02, AX7670-16, AX7670-19, AX7670-20AX7650, AX7651-X, AX7657-X, FI20620, FI20620-1, FI20656-