Monochromator Refurbishment

SSSco provides full refurbishment for Endpoint Monochromators used on the AMAT Etch systems. 

Items that are refurbished or replaced, as necessary:

  • Photo Multiplier Tube & Power Supply
  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Stepper Motor
  • Calibration lamp
  • Holographic Grating
  • Mechanical assembly

The monchromator endpoint units are robust designs that typically provide years of trouble free service. The original factory alignment typically provides for calibration errors of 10 angstroms or less. As the units age they start to degrade. This causes errors due to stepper position loss, over or under etching, missed endpoint or failed calibration (greater than 20 angstroms). The units calibration and alignment is critical to accurate operation and ultimately endpoint process results. SSSco has developed processes and procedures to restore the units to like new condition.

After refurbishment, monochromator units are calibrated to ensure that the error rate is 1 angstrom, the lowest measurable rate by the endpoint computer. Once the unit passes the 1 angstrom calibration, it's put through a reliability test of several hundred alternating endpoints of different wavelengths on our custom endpoint test system. Finally the calibration is checked again to ensure that the 1 angstrom calibration error remains.

Typical turn around time for this service is 1 week or less. We also have units available for rapid exchange.

Description OEM # SSSco #

Monochromator, P5000 
(Short Fiber Optic Cable)



Monochromator, Centura
(Long Fiber Optic Cable)



Monochromator, Centura
(Non-Ceramic Socket, Updated UV Socket)