Neslab III Heat Exchanger Remanufacturing

SSSco provides remanufacturing of Neslab® III heat exchangers used on Endura® 5500 PVD systems. We service the original and updated digital controller model.  

Key Benefits of remanufacturing

  • Fully refurbished, not just repaired
  • Fully tested
  • Warrantied for twelve months 

Remanufacturing Tasks

  • Flow sensors rebuilt
  • Pump fully refurbished
  • New hoses installed
  • DI canister replaced

Complete remanufacturing process

  • Initial evaluation of unit, mechanical and electrical check.
  • Pump is fully rebuilt or replaced including impeller and seal kit. 
  • Float switch is removed, cleaned and inspected.
  • Flow sensors are disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt.
  • All rubber hoses are replaced.
  • Electrical interface board is repaired, if necessary.
  • Minimum 12 hours of testing, proprietary QA process

SSSco can provide all parts to repair Neslab® III including:

  • Replacement control board
  • DI sensor
  • DI canister
  • Hoses
  • Tank
  • Pump