Neslab Steelhead Heat Exchanger Remanufacturing

SSSco provides remanufacturing of Neslab® Steelhead 0 and Steelhead 1 heat exchangers used on Endura® 5500, Centura® 5200, Producer® and P5000 systems. SSSco has been refurbishing heat exchangers for 15 years with hundreds of remanufactured units in the field. We stock nearly every part for quick repair. We also manufacture critical components including circuit boards and resistivity sensors.

Neslab steelhead

All units go through a comprehensive remanufacturing process ensuring consistent results and trouble free operation.

Complete remanufacturing details:

  • Fully refurbished, not just repaired. When the unit is placed back in service it performs like a new unit.
  • Warrantied for twelve months
  • Burn in and cycle tested using automated stress test system designed to expose any failures in the unit before the unit is installed. 
  • Initial evaluation of unit, mechanical and electrical check.
  • Pump is fully rebuilt including new bearings and seal kit.
  • Filters replaced.
  • Facility water heat exchanger is inspected and cleaned.
  • Chilled water valve is disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt.
  • Heater element is removed, cleaned and inspected.
  • Float switch is removed, cleaned and inspected.
  • Temperature sensor is removed, cleaned and inspected.
  • Flow-meters are disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt.
  • Electrical interface board is inspected, repaired if necessary.
  • Contactors are disassembled and inspected.
  • Circuit breakers are inspected.
  • All quick disconnect fittings are replaced.

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