Novellus C1 Robot Remanufacturing

SSSco offers a full robot remanufacturing service for the Novellus C1 single arm robot assembly with a 1 Year Warranty.

Our remanufacturing processes are of the highest quality and enable customers to reduce downtime and lower cost of ownership with higher reliability and higher performance. The comprehensive and high quality process replaces critical parts and upgrades older parts to qualified modern equivalents.

Customers send their robot to us which is completely disassembled and undergoes ultrasonic clean. During reassembly, over 50 critical components are replaced with new parts that either meet or in many cases exceed OEM specifications.

This includes all gears, the leadscrew, all bearings, stepper motors, o-rings and seals;

  • 10 Gears (rotation, extension, rotation reduction set, extension reduction set, anti-backlash and motor spur gear)
  • Lift leadscrew
  • Stepper motors (extension, rotation, and lift motors)
  • 16 Springs, spring and crescent washers
  • 12 Bearings (rotation drive, rotation main shaft, lift main housing, extension drive, lift drive group)
  • 2 O-Rings            
  • Extension and rotation lip seals
  • Optic sensor assemblies for lift, rotate and extension