RF Match Repair for Novellus, Trazar, Mattson Aspen

 RF Match repair and refurbishment including Trazar part numbers AMU2-1, AMU2B-1, AMU2D-1, AMU10D-1, AMU10D-2, AMU10E-1, AMU10E-2, AMU10G-1, AMU10H-1. These are commonly used on Novellus Concept I and II CVD systems

  • Both variable caps are replaced during every rebuild
  • Both belts are replaced during every rebuild
  • All silver plate hardware is removed, cleaned, and inspected
  • All capacitors are removed and individually tested
  • All on board PCBs are calibrated and tested


  • Maxon motors from Pittman  

Contact us to arrange refurbishment of your Trazar match.