SMC Chiller Repair and Refurbishment

SMC Chiller repair and refurbishment

  • SSSco remanufactures heat exchangers and chillers since 2001.
  • SMC INR-498 models (-012D, -012D-X007, -012C) models serviced.
  • Highest quality parts and final test procedures deliver reliabili
  • ty.

Key Benefits of using SSSco;

  • Fast turnaround time and leadtime management.
  • Helping semiconductor customers sustain and improve equipment.

Tasks performed at SSSco Austin include;

  • Full incoming inspection, evaluation of each chiller
  • Generate report for customer, costs & leadtime
  • Identify replacement parts to meet OEM specifications
  • Flush and clean entire system.
  • Replace all oring seals and PCW filter
  • Rebuild major parts - PCW, FCW and FCV valves
  • Test all comms, Local, DIO, CHX and DNET
  • Burn in, cycle test, automated stress testing


  • Shrink wrap, pallet, strap, return to customer.

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