Ceramic ESC AMAT DPS+ Metal Etch and Poly Etch

The latest CESC technology for AMAT DPS+ Metal Etch and Poly Etch chambers. The OEM ESC design is Johnson Rahbeck style using AlN plate, which over time can show wafer sticking and junping due to surface condition changes. The SSSco CESC is Coulombic design and a single peice and delivers many performance and reliability benefits, The SSSco CESC fits onto OEM ceramic cathode with no cathode change necessary. The improved design and better material means better process performance, no sticking and much longer lifetime delivering reduced cost of ownership. Enquire 

Replaces AMAT dual zone ceramic Metal and Poly DPS+ ESC including; 0010-15668, 0010-93181, 0010-15452, 0195-077994