Ceramic ESC AMAT MxP chambers, all types

CESC technology significantly improves performance on AMAT MxP, MxP+, eMxP+ polyimide ESC chambers. CESC fits onto existing OEM standard or simple cathode, no change necessary. Improved design and materials deliver better process performance, lifetime, reduced particles, eliminates microarcing, better temperature and etch uniformity. Waferless plasma clean now possible with CESC. Now available for 100mm. Enquire

Equivalent parts for ESC part numbers  0040-99998, 0010-10528 0040-99964, 0040-99997 0040-09997, 0010-10982, 0040-99949, 0010-10327, 0041-34688, 0010-10257, 0040-09797, 0040-99998, 0040-99999, 0020-32163, 0430-02271, 0041-37397