DPS Chamber, Refurbishment of DTCU

SSSco refurbishes and repairs the Dome Temperature Control Unit (DTCU) for DPS Poly etch chambers.

The DTCU is a critical complex system which may be obsolete, and in most cases is over 15 years old.

SSSco uses qualified materials and quality assurance procedures to make sure each DTCU is functioning correctly. The R1 Prime DTCU is extensively refurbished and repaired by SSSco and returned to a safe and reliable condition after test.

DTCU part numbers include 0010-36901 and 0010-38755.

Refurbishment tasks include;

  • Cooling coil replacement
  • RF Antenna strip and re-plate
  • Lamp nozzle ring recoating
  • Harnessing upgrades and repairs
  • IR sensor circuits upgraded and repaired
  • Final test and verification

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