Endpoint Computer - Upgrade, Refurbish and Repair

Endpoint Computers are an essential part of AMAT etch systems, but have aging and obsolete parts and may become unreliable. SSSco has developed processes and procedures to upgrade and refurbish to like-new condition, with current parts and replacements for obsolete parts. Available for P5000 and Centura systems.

Standard Upgrade and Refurbishment (1 Year Warranty)

  • New Solid State Hard Drive
  • New SBC PCB (Single Board Computer)
  • New SD card replaces Floppy
  • Power supply calibration
  • Enclosure refurbishment (hardware, fittings, wiring)

Repair items, and additional Endpoint Computer related products;

  • Power Supply, Floppy Drive, SBC
  • Monochromator Refurbishment
  • Fiber Optic cables (broken or missing)
  • Conversion to HOT Paks or wavelength change
  • Reconfigure for additional channel(s)

Upgraded SBC PCBUpgraded SBC PCB

Final test,  the Endpoint computer is loaded with the Endpoint software and tested to OEM specifications. Leadtime is 3 weeks. Rental units available for rolling refurbishment programs, check with SSSco for more information.