Upgrade existing Endpoint Computer (EPC) - Centura and P5000

Endpoint Computers are a critical part part of AMAT etch systems. These become unreliable as they get older. SSSco has developed upgrades to improve performance and return to like-new condition. The whole unit is upgraded, tested and refurbished.

Upgrade and Refurbishment (1 Year Warranty)

  • Add EPC Remote, browser view/control
  • New Solid State Hard Drive
  • New SBC PCB (Single Board Computer)
  • New USB Emulator replaces Floppy
  • Power supply calibration
  • Enclosure refurbishment (hardware, fittings, wiring)

Repair items, and additional Endpoint related products;

  • Power Supply, Floppy Drive, SBC
  • Monochromator Refurbishment
  • Fiber Optic cables (broken or missing)
  • Conversion to HOT Paks or wavelength change
  • Reconfigure for additional channel(s)

Upgraded SBC PCBNew SBC 

Leadtime is 3 weeks. Check with SSSco for more information.

SSSco also builds new Endpoint Computers EPC Remote. Find out more here.