LoFAT Sled Upgrade and Remanufacture

The LoFAT sled is the RF Tune system widely used on older LAM chambers, and is known to suffer from reliability issues due to high operating temperatures. Reliabiilty upgrades are performed during remanufacturing by SSSco, dramatically increasing lifetime. Including 853-025903-001, 853-025903-002.

Incoming inspection and cleaning is done by highly experienced engineers. Upgrades are then installed and thoroughly tested to meet original tuning specifications. Upgrades include;

High Temp Coil Tubes installed. HV wires replaced
Motors and gearboxes replaced, bearings replaced
Rebuild. Tested in LOAD and TUNE positions.

As an additional service, a -001 sled can be upgraded to a -002 sled with upgraded Linear Positioners and Limit Switches. Please contact us to arrange the upgrade and remanufacture of your LAM LoFAT sled.