New Robot Drivers

We offer completely new 2nd source Robot Driver sets (upper and lower) for the AMAT Centura and Endura platforms. 

These highly reliable critical components are essential to accurately transfer wafers within the Centura or Endura system. The original robot drivers from the OEM can be repaired, but after many years and millions of wafer cycles may need to be replaced.

SSSco has qualified these new Robot Drivers at major customer fabs, and has an extensive in-house capabiity for test and repair. They are a drop-in replacement and require no adjustments to existing system setup. Contact us if you would like to know more or receive a quotation.

OEM Part Numbers replaced by these include;

0010-70264, 0010-13274, 0010-75524, 0010-76061, 0010-13272.

SSSco also offers a repair service for these OEM part numbers which includes final test and warranty.