PDS Remote

PDS Remote  - for Centura, Endura, P5000, Producer, AMAT Implanter

Remote working and video meetings are now normal for businesses. PDS Remote is an essential product for companies using AMAT Legacy systems;















How does it work? PDS Remote connects into the AMAT video circuit, connects to all monitors including AMAT CRT or Penulator Pro. 

PDS Remote adds safe LOCKED, TAGOUT operations. All monitors now have three colored buttons (bottom left) for LOCKED(green)/REMOTE(red)/TAGOUT(blue).

The system (Centura, Endura, Producer, P5000, XR Implanter) can now be viewed via PDS Remote from any browser window or multiple browsers.

A single browser window can view several systems which have PDS remote installed, like a Control Centre.

When PDS Remote is installed with PDS Drive and PDS SENTRY software, PDS enables automatic operations such as U0 backups, remote file transfer from PC, without interrupting production.

PDS Remote replaces the AMAT hardware monitor switchbox.

Penulator SSD Solid State Drive 

PDS Penulator Data System
Penulator Pro monitor