RPS Upgrade MKS Paragon AX7700 Paragon

The latest RPS technology is now available from SSSco to upgrade to the latest 6L Paragon units. Available on Centura and Producer.

Paragon delivers up to 6 liters of NF3 flow with the latest materials and design features from MKS, improving reliability and cost of ownership.

SSSco delivers new Paragon RPS and integration hardware, and has installed multiple Paragon units on Centura and Producer systems, both 200mm and 300mm systems.

SSSco has developed the integration and installed multiple Paragon units on Centura HDP Ultima systems, replacing older AE and AX7670 RPS units.

Paragon delivers an improved process window allowing users to optimise chamber cleans. Replacing Astron 2L on Producer systems means better reliability and improved consumption of power and NF3 when replacing dual chamber Astron 2L.