HDPCVD Centura Ultima+ Chiller Upgrade

The latest specification chiller for Ultima+ Centura is the INR-498-011D.  SSSco supplies a new chiller with Centura Integration.

Replaces 0190-00404, 0190-08874, 0190-07528, 0190-01684.

Increases;        Reliability + Uptime

Decreases;      Downtime + Repair Costs

SSSco supplies a replacement solution including new Centura control cable, and 1 year warranty with an optional 2nd year. SSSco also supply customer specific fittings upon request, to fit any fab requirements.

Each chiller has 4 output and 4 return connections on a single loop. You can submit an RFQ here

This upgrade means that uptime is not lost to unreliable performance and low quality repairs. Contact us to discuss.