HDPCVD Centura Ultima+ Chiller Upgrade

The latest specification chiller for Ultima+ Centura is the INR-498-011D.  SSSco supplies a new chiller with CEntira Integration.

Replaces 0190-00404, 0190-08874, 0190-07528, 0190-01684.

Increases;        Reliability + Uptime

Decreases;      Downtime + Repair Costs

SSSco supplies a replacement solution including new Centura control cable, and 1 year warranty with an optional 2nd year. SSSco also supply customer specific fittings upon request, to fit any fab requirements.

These new chillers can be stacked in the sub fab. Each chiller has 4 output and 4 return connections on a single loop. You can submit an RFQ here

This upgrade means that uptime is not lost to unreliable performance and low quality repairs. Contact us to discuss.