SSSco Upgrade Center

Upgrades can be purchased individually as a kit, and are included as standard on remanufactured chambers and systems from SSSco including;

System Controller Upgrades - Penulator products - replace U0, U2, CRT, Remote Access, Auto Backup

RPS Upgrades     -  Remote NF3 plasma clean. CVD chambers, RTP/RTA chambers

Ceramic ESC     -   Ceramic ESC Al2O3 replaces Polyimide and AlN, AMAT, Lam, TEL

HDP Ultima Upgrades - Astron, Paragon replaces obsolete chamber RF, lid and old RPS

Lid Hoist upgrade for Centura and Endura - reducing manpower and meeting latest safety standards

Pro and PDS Upgrade - enable full data storage and remote operations, replace obsolete media

SSSco delivers qualified upgrades for systems, chambers, modules and critical parts. Through our innovation and proven high quality, customers can enjoy;

  • Improved performance and lower cost of ownership
  • Continuous improvement CIP, and avoid obsolescence
  • Improved efficiency, capability and product lifetime
  • Better sustainable technologies which improve environments