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SEMI membership renewed - 6 years and counting

SSSco just renewed as a SEMI member, a trade organisation we have been proud to support since 2010. As well as batting for the industry as a collective in key areas…

SYSCON compare built into PDS, empowers customers to improve procedures

Users of PDS report that using SYSCON compare helps improve operations

New addition to Repair Center - Novellus C1 Robot

Customer robots -  fully remanufactured with critical part replacement and CIP

Demo video of smart monitor switching

At last ! No more need for the mechanical monitor switchbox for AMAT legacy systems, used for locking out the front, rear, or subfab monitors as you work on the tool.…

DxZ upgrade,  Constant Voltage Gradient , CVG+, released for sale

Save time on each DxZ chamber lid opening.

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