Equipment For Sale

As-is Equipment for sale - in Austin, Texas; 

PVD Endura 200mm P303  ,   PVD Centura 150mm PD001

HDP Centura 308107 , PVD Endura 150mm 3842 , PVD Centura 200mm 2526 , PVD Centura 200mm 2537


SSSco offers best in class refurbishment and remanufacturing;

Process Technologies;         Plasma Etch,      PECVD, SACVD,     HDPCVD,     MOCVD,      PVD,      Epi,      RTP

Platforms;                            Centura,       Endura,          Producer,         P5000

Chambers;                           MxP,    DPS,      DxL,      DxZ,      WxZ,     Ultima,     IMP,      TxZ,      SiP,       101,      PCII,        Xe,      Radiance,       Polygen


SSSco has Support Equipment for these systems refurbished and ready to ship; Down Support - Ready to Install