Floppy Drive Replacement U2 with PDS Drive

The problem of obsolesence on AMAT tools is increasing, and the Floppy Drive on the system or system controller is another example of this.

Some replacement products using USB or Flash offer a direct swap - BUT still have a problem of imited 1.44MB file size onto U2.

PDS Drive solves floppy obsolesence - AND UPGRADES - by introducing U4 as an additional device on the SCSI bus.

PDS Drive replaces the SCSI TEAC drive, and allows users to copy using a single command from U0 (system hard drive) to U4 (new SSSco device). 

Now - you can backup, restore, and decode system files using a single device fitted directly in the U2 position on the controller. Follow this link.  PDS Drive

PDS Drive can be bought as a standalone component, and is a very useful engineering tool to make rapid backups of complete AMAT hard drives onto a single SD card - to protect from loss of data and uptime

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