Penulator monitor product range expanded, Touch now on all Thermawave Optiprobe

Recently SSSco brought to market the latest version of it's highly successful control monitor - Penulator Pro - which is globally adopted in fabs on installed AMAT systems. The new Penulator Touch uses identical technology to create a highly accurate control window which does not need calibrated, and allows users to now choose between pen (same method as the classic light pen) or high quality touchscreen.

The Pro and Touch alternative are now released on all Thermawave Optiprobe systems, and are already shipping to customer fabs. The very popular Optiprobe systems are aging, and the screens are an everyday item of use - and obsolete. The upgrade and refresh using Pro or Touch improves reliability and ease of control.

Many long term users of the Pro pen monitor have tried the Touch in a kind of "pepsi-challenge", feedback is very positive and preference is 50/50 depending on personal experience. If you have Optiprobe systems in your fab, contact us for a trial and see the difference.

Penulator monitors for Optiprobe

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