Lam Mini-Match Refurbishment

High quality refurbishment for all types of mini-match, both ESC and Non-ESC Lam systems. This includes part numbers 853-025083-001, 853-025083-003, 853-025083-002, 853-025083-004, 853-025083-022, 853-250001-021, 853-250001-023, 853-250001-024, 853-250001-121, 853-330951-001, 853-330951-021, 853-015130-002, 853-015130-002, 853-015130-003, 853-015130-004, 853-015130-006, 853-015130-102, 853-015130-103, 853-015130-202, 853-015130-204, 853-015130-205, 853-015130-503 

Incoming inspection and cleaning is done by highly experienced engineers. Each match is then refurbished and thoroughly tested to meet specification including;

  • RF Capacitors load tested and replaced as needed. Bearings replaced.
  • HV wires replaced and installed with high temp solder.
  • Silver plate hardware removed, cleaned, and inspected

Additional upgrades are available which improve reliability, including;

  • Gear upgrade from metal to plastic
  • Peak PCB HV cap conversion to latest OEM specification

RF matches are returned to customers with test data and 6 month warranty. Please contact us to arrange refurbishment of your Lam Mini-Match.