EPC Remote - New Etch Endpoint Computer

Customers can now buy a new endpoint computer (EPC) from SSSco for use with Centura or P5000 etch systems. 1 Year warranty.

EPC Remote saves valuable time for engineers, delivers much more reliable performance. Includes new SBC, solid state drive, new PSU.

Valuable new capability is added, the EPC can be connected to a network and viewed remotely or operated from a browser. This saves valuable time going in and out of the cleanroom, also live screens can be shared in emeetings.

EPC Remote is an upgraded equivalent for Centura which can also be used on P5000 systems. EPC Remote can be fitted with monochromators or H.O.T. packs as normal.


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SSSco also upgades existing customer EPC systems, which you can send to us for complete rebuild and test. Please read here for more information.