RPS Lid Upgrades, from RF or microwave clean to NF3 remote plasma

SSSco provides a range of RPS upgrade kits for AMAT CVD chambers. RPS clean can be used on P5000, Centura and Producer platforms, and replaces RF or microwave clean systems.

Benefits include;

  • Better chamber clean and particle reduction
  • Longer periods between chamber clean
  • Reduction in use of expensive etch gasses
  • Reduction in cost of comsumable and process kit cleaning

Chambers which can be upgraded include;

  • DxL Lamp Heated
  • DxZ all types
  • WxZ
  • Ultima

RPS units supplied with full integration include;

  • Astron 2L and 3L
  • Paragon

For HDP and Producer chambers which have older RPS units already installed including Astex, SSSco supplies RPS upgrades to the latest MKS Paragon technology