Latest RPS Lid Upgrades using NF3

Older RF and microwave clean systems on CVD chambers, use expensive gasses like C2F6 and do not achieve a high quality clean. This means that Mean Wafer Between Clean MWBC is low, and throughput is lost.

RPS systems from MKS use NF3 as the cleaning gas, and are remotely connected to the chamber so that more free flourine reaches the chamber. This cleans the showerhead during the same process.

SSSco provides and fits upgrade kits for 200mm and 300mm systems using the latest RPS units with integration kits and a  1 year warranty. 

SSSco is an authorized MKS repair partner for Astron products.

Paragon 2


AMAT Producer 300MM Astron2L -> Paragon8L upgrade





Paragon 3


AMAT Ultima+ with Astron-i -> Paragon8L upgrade