Available Equipment

SSS Co delivers high quality remanufactured semiconductor equipment built to your specifications. Our solutions include AMAT® Endura™ 5500, Centura™ 5200, P5000 and Producer™ tools. 

Endura CuBS s.no. 302906, remanufactured with installation and warranty

Fully remanufactured, with installation and 1 year warranty, process acceptance, 8 week leadtime

Wafer Size      200mm, NBLL with tilt out (WBLL option available)
Vintage           2000
Robotics        HP+ / VHP
Electrical        customer spec
MFC Type      customer spec
Cryo Pumps  3 phase CTI low vibration
Generator Racks 2
Cable length  customer spec
Chiller Type   NESLAB III

A Pass Through
B Cool Down
E Orient Degas w temp feedback
F Orient Degas w temp feedback
1 SiP Ta (N), SZBESC, 24KW
2 SiP Ta (N), SZBESC, 24KW
3 SiP Cu, SZBESC, 24KW
4 SiP Cu, SZBESC, 24KW