Applied Materials Endura PVD

SSS Co provides as is, refurbished and used semiconductor equipment, parts and retrofits for the AMAT® Endura™ PVD.  Our experience comprehensively covers the Endura 5500 with refurbished systems shiped worldwide for more than 10 years. 

AMAT Endura 5500 Parts

SSS Co's in-house design process and custom manufacturing of parts are geared to ensure that our unique parts and modules will be delivered to precisely match your developed processes.  Here are some of the SSS Co custom Applied Materials Endura parts.

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AMAT PVD Upgrades & Retrofits

Our broad portfolio is designed to give you better performance and extended lifetime reliability via three key factors:

  • Easy Drop-in replacement capability
  • Engineered for improvement by industry experts
  • Manufactured to customer requirements


SSS Co has offices in North America and Asia to ensure our support fits your timeline. We partner with qualified suppliers to expand our product base and support around the world. 

Looking for Available Equipment?

Semiconductor Support Services offers and refurbishes previously used Applied Materials Endura 5500 PVD, Centura 5200 CVD, HDPCVD, RTP, EPI, DPS, Etch, Producer and P5000 systems.  Each system can go through our unique and highly detailed refurbishment process ensuring consistent quality and dependability.

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