PVD Magnet Repair

SSSco provides replacement and refurbishment for many AMAT PVD magnet assemblies. 

Magnets that we repair include:

magnetic graph

Before Refurbishment:           After SSSco Refurbishment:

Mag before                     


Original magnets are exposed to DI water causing the TEM coating to erode
Eroding magnets create rust causing low DI water resistivity
Magnets lose original shape as erosion accelerates deforming the magnet array. The array eventually contacts the backside of the target.
Magnets lose strength over time due to heating and natural magnetic decay

SSSco Solution:
Incoming magnet inspection and mapping
Disassemble, clean all parts
Check surface flatness of magnet array
Re-saturate magnets or replace with new corrosion resistant nickel coated
Reassemble and map refurbished magnet

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