Penulatorâ„¢ FAQ

Penulator™ products Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lead time? 

Penulator products are in stock, so lead times will < 2 weeks.   

What is the warranty?

One year from shipment - warranted against defects in materials and workmanship. Physical damage and pen tips are not covered.

What AMAT systems will Pro work with?

Pro is compatible with P5000, Endura™ , Centura™, Producer™ and some implanters that originally used a light pen with CRT.

How can Pro monitors be mounted and used?

1. Through the wall replacement for CRT - purchase the optional wall mount

2. Table top service monitor, it ships as standard with a stand

3. Service monitor on a telescopic arm so it can be moved behind or on the tool for the user - purchase the optional telescopic arm or any VESA fitting will do.

How do I install PDS, what do I need to prepare?

There are detailed installation and user manuals for each product which ship upon purchase. Each product is designed to be easily installed by the user. PDS Drive is a pin-to-pin replacement for the floppy drive and fits in the Floppy drive enclosure U2. The PDS Remote fits in the system controller in the video circuit with a bracket, and has its own unique IP address. A standard data cable connects PDS Drive to connect to PDS Remote. An ethernet cable to PDS Remote allows you to address and view the system control screen across a LAN connection in any browser, and push/pull files from the system using SENTRY software which has full access security control.

Does Pro monitor wall mount come with a bezel and hardware to replace the standard CRT?

Yes. It is a direct replacement for CRT through the wall fitting

Do I need to make any changes to the AMAT system constants for Pro installation?

Light pen calibration system constants on the AMAT system must be set to default (zero).  The system constant is titled “Extra character offset for the light pen long line delays”.  This is typically system constant 411 or 451, depending on the system type.

Do I need to change cables or circuit boards to install the Pro monitor?

No. The system can be installed by simply disconnecting the 25 pin connector behind the CRT and connecting it to same interface which we provide.

What is the maximum AMAT monitor cable length that can be used with Pro?

The system has been tested with monitor cable lengths up to 75 feet.

Can Pro be used on equipment that also has a CRT service monitor?

Yes. The Pro monitor works independently from any other monitors attached to the equipment.

Does the pen tether to the monitor so it will not get lost?

The pen is tethered to the Light Pen Emulator.

Do you sell replacement pens?

Yes. And, the standard shipment will include a pen.

What needs to be done to calibrate the replacement pens?

No calibration is required on replacements.

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