Customer Support Services

We are passionate about customer service. SSSco understands that our customers sometimes need high quality support services.  SSSco offers scheduled contract and project support at customer site, and remote ad-hoc service for our existing customers. Services include;

Expert Contract Support; regular scheduled activity at customer site to enhance coverage of systems and chambers. Minimum engagement 1 week per quarter booked for 1 year. Examples; focus on OJT, major PM's, CIP work, specific mainframes or chambers.

Project Consulting; highly experienced project managers and technologists for fixed term program support. Examples; planning or analysis across many equipment, fab and process areas.

Installation Projects; defined projects for chamber or system installation, provided with a project plan, clear milestones, and success criteria. Support on materials and parts can also be provided.

Customer Training; provided at customer site, 50/50 split between classroom and fab. Requires access to tool, and maximum 4 per class

Ad-Hoc Support; existing customers can contact us by phone or email for advice. Examples; part identification, action planning for downs. 

Labor Contracts; SSSco has a large network of experienced and qualified professionals who are available for contract work at customer fabs