DI Resistivity Sensor

Rezsense is a proprietary SSSco design to replace the DI sensor on AMAT-0 and AMAT-1 heat exchanger systems.

Rezsense has 2 versions; AABA-S0004 (Brass) and AABA-S0003 (SST)

Rezsense replaces the following AMAT part numbers; 0010-75478; 0010-75311; 0010-70065; and 0010-00201 

Key Benefits of the new sensor

New Sensor

  • Drop-in replacement
  • Solid gold terminals (no plating to flake off and corrode)
  • Potting material is rated at 300° C is non corrosive and non conductive
  • Brass and stainless units available
  • Lifetime Warranty!
  • Over 1,000 units installed worldwide

Problems with the original design:

Old Sensor

  • Gold plating flakes off of screw heads, causing corrosion.
  • Screw heads trap debris accelerating breakdown
  • Ardel insulator breaks down from ethylene glycol and DI at high temperature
  • The part designed to monitor the water quality causes contamination
  • Deterioration requires regular replacement of the sensor and DI canister
  • We consistently find this sensor failed in heat exchangers that we refurbish

* US Patent Number  7,148,707

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