PDS Sentry software

Licensed PC software, controls PDS across network to ensure no loss of files and data.

  • Setup security settings and user controls for file management.
  • Integrated scheduler enables automatic backups of U0 over network
  • Each copied file has date and time stamp
  • Incremental backup for fast daily backups
  • Integrated SYSCON compare utility
  • Integrated email server for automatic notifications
  • Multiple sessions and systems accessible simultaneously 

PDS Sentry enables file management of U0, all AMAT system files

  • Automatically capture wafer lot history, and other key files which can get overwritten
  • Zero system overhead, no slowdown of wafer processing.

PDS Sentry Features & Benefits

Use Benefit
Pull files over TCP/IP Backup any or all files on a system to a PC
Multiple backup sessions Up to 96 systems can be scheduled at once
Scheduled backup Schedule backup of any files e.g. wafer histrory
Full logging of backup's Backup sessions are recorded and time stamped
Email notification Status emails can be sent after each back up run
Idle monitor Monitor for system idle condition to initiate backup
Syscon checker Integrated system constant comparison tool
Elog.dat viewer Integrated Error Log viewer

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