PDS Drive - replaces floppy U2, adds U4

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  • PDS Drive fits U2 slot replacing floppy discs with high quality SLC SD card
  • PDS Drive adds U4 to the SCSI bus  a new SCSI bus device with no file size limit
  • PDS Drive can push and pull any U0 system file, with no SECS/GEM  overhead
  • PDS Drive U4 is a bootable device, and has an integrated FTP file server.

Connected to PDS Remote and SENTRY software - PDS Drive is remotely controlled across a network;

  • Rapid backup/restore of U0 from via U4. Boot system from U4
  • No system overhead, no SECS overhead, direct SCSI bus operations
  • PDS Drive integrated with PDS system for automatic scheduled operations

PDS Drive Features & Benefits

SD Drive Size1.44 MB1.5 GB
Copy, restore system U0 HDD incrementally with a single command X
10/100 rapid file transfer speed X
Integrated FTP server X
Formats on AMAT sytemXX
System files e.g. ERRLOG readable on a PCXX


PDS Drive replaces the following part numbers;

0660-01656, 0660-00463, 0650-00029, 0190-70110, 0650-00088, 0660-01083, 0660-01088, 0190-08663, 0660-01627, 0660-01665, 0650-00251, FD-235HS-1111, FD-235HS-1211, GS606135, ACD-73100

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PDS Remote

PDS Sentry

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