PDS Penulator Data System

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► PDS is developed by SSSco, as part of the Penulator™ product family. Powerful upgrade to improve AMAT systems, avoiding high cost and restrictions of other AMAT controller upgrades

► PDS improves AMAT system performance, offering new capabilities;
  • New U4 device on SCSI bus, in AMAT system controller
  • Automate storage of wafer lot histories and system files
  • Transfer any system file by network from U0 hard disc to PC
  • View system control window from any browser on network
► PDS can be bought as complete system, or as components;
  • PDS Drive replaces Floppy Drive U2 adds U4. No SECS/GEM overhead.
  • PDS Remote allows system to viewed from a browser.
  • PDS Sentry on PC, communicates with PDS systems over network.
► PDS benefits; 
  • Avoid file overload and corruption of U0 - PDS prevents Hard Drive Crashes
  • Incrementally backup files automatically on daily basis -  PDS avoids loss of Wafer Lot History
  • Remotely view system status - PDS increases operational efficiency                                                                                                                            
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