PDS Penulator Data System

Upgrade and Unlock standard AMAT controllers; manage system files with network capability

PDS is an integrated system created by SSSco, enabling enhanced data and control capabilities on Endura, Centura, P5000 and Producer.

  • Automatically store critical production data and system files
  • Increase efficiency through better system file management
  • Avoid downtime due to corrupt files and difficult disc restore
  • Increase efficiency by enabling browser access.

The components of PDS are specially designed to fit easily onto standard AMAT hardware.

  • PDS Drive replaces Floppy Drive in U2 and adds U4. No SECS overhead, SD cards, full data access.
  • PDS Remote has an IP address, now each machine can be viewed/controlled from a browser.
  • PDS Sentry software on a PC, communicates with AMAT PDS systems over network and automates data storage and analysis.

With PDS installed in the fab, applications and operations can be automated and made more efficient. Important system files are now accessible and readable for analysis. Examples of  PDS applications include;

 - Syscon compare across multiple chambers and tools. Control Centre type view of multiple machines.

 - Automatic backups and incremental backups to server, storage of wafer lot histories. All system files available.


 - Rapid restore of backup to system via network. Access to whole disc one command via U4. Many other applications. 

 - Start PM purge from browser, prior to going to tool.

( * = limited functionality release on Producer and Implanter) 


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