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Part number: 0190-76204


Part number: 0020-13602


Part number: 0021-36730

Assy, HP Robot Driver, Upper/Lower

Part number: 0010-70264


Part number: AABA-S0003


Part number: AABA-S0004

Mounting Plate, Xfmr Pri, RTP

Part number: 0021-31821

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Secure Customer Support Area

…Please follow this link to reach the Customer Logon area for support documentation and the latest software updates. If you are a Penulator customer and do not have a logon - please register and we will respond within 24 hours. <back

RF Match Repair for Novellus, Trazar, Mattson Aspen

… RF Match repair and refurbishment including Trazar part numbers AMU2-1, AMU2B-1, AMU2D-1, AMU10D-1, AMU10D-2, AMU10E-1, AMU10E-2, AMU10G-1, AMU10H-1. These are commonly used on Novellus Concept I and II CVD systems Both variable caps are replaced during every rebuild Both belts are replaced during every rebuild All silver plate hardware is removed, cleaned, and inspected All capacitors…

Lam Etch - ENI RF Match Repair

…High quality refurbishment for LAM and ENI RF Match including parts 685-096202-002, 685-140283-011, 685-140283-012, MWD-25LD-06, MWD-25LD-07       All ENI RF Matches are rebuilt to exacting standards to ensure reliability and performance.  All matches are thoroughly tested to verify proper operation and Tuning Range. Please contact us to arrange for your RF match…

Harmonic Arm Drive refurbishment

…Harmonic arm drives are used on all LAM research standalone platforms to accurately and reliably place the wafer. It is essential that a high quality refurbishment is completed for parts including 853-012123-001, 853-012123-004, 853-012123-500, 853-012175-001, 853-012175-003.  Incoming inspection and cleaning is done by highly experienced engineers. All Harmonic Arm Drives are thoroughly taken apart and rebuilt using the proper OEM…

Gate Drive Assembly Refurbishment

…Gate Drive Assemblies for LAM Research standalone tools, a high quality refurbishment is completed for parts including 853-012200-002, 853-012261-001, 853-012875-001, 853-442064-002 Incoming inspection and cleaning is done by highly experienced engineers. Each assembly is then refurbished and thoroughly tested to meet specification including; Air cylinder, bearings, retaining pins and pneumatic fittings are replaced…

NEW High quality refurbishment of AMAT RF MATCH’s

CVD and Etch RF Match repairs and refurbishment

AMAT RF Match Refurbishment

…High quality refurbishment for widely used types of RF Match for AMAT CVD (xL, DxZ, WxZ) and ETCH (MxP family) chambers, including part numbers; 0010-09750 0010-09416 0010-35444 Only the very best components are used, meeting or exceeding original OEM specifications. Incoming inspection and cleaning is done by highly experienced engineers. Each match is…

NEW RELEASE; Sentry software for PDS users, version 1.014

…Latest software and manuals release for users of PDS

NEW REPAIR SERVICE; Lam RF Matches - DSQ match, TMatch, Minimatch, 9600 Match

…High Quality Repair service to highest specification

LoFAT Sled Upgrade and Remanufacture

…The LoFAT sled is the RF Tune system widely used on older LAM chambers, and is known to suffer from reliability issues due to high operating temperatures. Reliabiilty upgrades are performed during remanufacturing by SSSco, dramatically increasing lifetime. Including 853-025903-001, 853-025903-002. Incoming inspection and cleaning is done by highly experienced…

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