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Robot Kit

Part number: 0242-30239


Part number: 0020-21637

Dura Source Magnet

Part number: 0010-21206


Part number: 0010-52711

Unnamed Part

Part number: 0010-52711

cryo pump,

Part number: 0190-25015


Part number: ACJA-S0006

DWG E/BOM F, Ignition H.V Wire

Part number: CBL09150

Assembly, FCW manifold, facility line

Part number: INR-498-P363

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AMAT Remote CVD Gas Boxes (2), suitable for TxZ Chambers 0240-26209

…ITEM DESCRIPTION Items AMAT Remote CVD Gas Boxes, suitable for rebuild for TxZ Condition One is complete , one is not populated and needs repair Contains 0240-26029 (2) CVD Remote Gas Box One unit contains gas lines and PLC Other unit is empty and requires glass repair Please click here for a…

Ozonator Rack for AMAT Centura or Producer, including AX8200 Ozonators

…ITEM DESCRIPTION Item Complete Ozonator rack 0290-13204 for Centura, including 3 AX8200 Ozone Generators Condition Used, complete Available 1 rack, in Austin for inspection For a quotation please <click here             <back

ETO RF Rack with generators for HDPCVD 0190-18181

…ITEM DESCRIPTION Item ETO RF Rack with ETO RF Generators Condition Used, complete Available 3 racks for individual sale Request a quotation here                           <back

Preclean Chamber Endura 200mm

…ITEM DESCRIPTION Chamber Reactive Pre Clean Chamber Endura 200mm Condition Used, fully functional. No Turbo Contains 0010-70400-TURBO VACUUM ASSY. W/LONG ADAPTER 0010-22225-ASSY., HIGH EFFICIENCY RF MATCH, REACTIVE PRECLEAN 0010-70363-SHIPPING COVER PCII 0240-28146-KIT, REACTIVE PRECLEAN THROTTLE VALVE PARTS. 0020-23195-PRE CLEAN II, EXTERNAL CHAMBER 0010-22225-ASSY., RESONATOR W/INTLKS, REACTIVE PC < request a…

P5000 TEOS 150mm

…ITEM DESCRIPTION System P5000 150mm Condition Complete, powered up and running Fully functional Chambers 2 DxL Lamp Heated 1 Etchback Configuration System, RF Rack, Hotbox <Request a Quotation             <back

NEW V452 Boards now available

SSSco restarts supply of this critical part

New V452 Single Board Computer SBC PCB’s

…SSSco supplies brand new V452 boards, which are manufactured to order and supplied with a warranty and ongoing support. These boards are precisely the same as those used for many years in AMAT systems, and have become a supply concern for many fabs. SSSco can address that need. The Single Board…

NEW Wafer Slide Detection Kit from SSSco

Wafer Slide Detection saves wafer breakage.

Narrow Body Load Lock Wafer Slide Detect Kit

…This Kit will install wafer slide detection capability on a Centura or Endura system with Narrow Body Load Locks.  One kit covers both LLA and LLB. The kit will avoid wafers being droped or misplaced on blades, leading to brokage.   SSSco installs the kit at customer site.  ACEA-S0073 (Centura) &…

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