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Authorised SMC Chiller Repairs at SSSco

New service for SMC chiller repair

Harmonic Arm Drive Repair

For Lam standalone etch tools, such as Rainbow

New PCB’s for AMAT Systems

…Replacement for obsolete and difficult to find boards

Happy New Year from SSSco

From Austin, Texas, and the team at SSSco

Centura RTP R175 Xe+ 200mm for sale

…ITEM DESCRIPTION System Centura 200mm. Perfect condition and 100% complete. ready to install RTP mainframe, nickel plated. Wide Body Loadlocks, OTF Centrefinder Chambers A and B installed, RTP Xe+ E and F single wafer cooldown Please send all enquiries by email to us and we will respond. System in Austin TX for inspection,…

100mm Ceramic ESC available

For AMAT etch chambers, MxP Oxide or Poly

SMC Chiller Repair and Refurbishment

…SMC Chiller repair and refurbishment SSSco remanufactures heat exchangers and chillers since 2001. SMC INR-498 models (-012D, -012D-X007, -012C) models serviced. Highest quality parts and final test procedures deliver reliabili ty. Key Benefits of using SSSco; Fast turnaround time and leadtime management. Helping semiconductor customers sustain and improve equipment. Tasks performed at SSSco Austin include; Full…

PDS - now available for AMAT Producer

…The Penulator™ Data System (PDS) is now available for all AMAT Producer systems

Centura C148 HDPCVD 200mm Ultima - for sale

…ITEM DESCRIPTION System Centura 200mm. Perfect condition and 100% complete. ready to install. Wide Body Loadlocks OTF Centrefinder Condition Complete, powered up and running, Excellent condition, Fully functional Chambers 2 Chamber - A and B Ultima HDPCVD. ETO RF racks, Microwave clean Orienter Chamber Multislot cooldown Please send all enquiries by email to…


…ITEM DESCRIPTION Item 0010-04450 Condition Refurbished, 90 day warranty, 6 week leadtime Contains Endura ESC, sub zero biasable ASSY, SNNF 200MM SUB ZERO BESC W/MCA Price $55KUSD Fully refurbished and tested Available from our Austin warehouse. Press Here for a quotation. <back

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